Arando. Goldsmith's ar t and sculpture


In Arando's artistic life, the movement pervades ever y part of his work as a recognizable thread always present in more than 30 years of activity. Living and dynamic sculptures as expression of a new outlook and style to describe the world. Subjects as hug, mother, dance, freedom and loneliness belong to an only stylistic, innovator y and memorablecode. Master Antonino Rando has the great aesthetic ability to create evocative sculpture and jewels which are able to give a satisfacting connotation wherever they are. Moreover, master Rando knows how to convey the typical eloquent language of modern art in a calmer world as the one ofjewels. He creates something unique, a precious object as a work of art which adorns woman's body.
Ever y jewel is thought like this: master Rando draws it, his staff of artisans carr y out the piece, in total respect for the most ancient goldsmith's tradition. Arando's firm uses the old "cire perdue"
technique; every jewels are handmade, piece by piece, in order to leave a mark in our time.